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Exhibitor Add-Ons
Monthly Add On's
iTS- Custom "Your Company" Private Label i-Booth Live Representitive.   $30.00

Placement in Literature Carousal: (price monthly per pdf catalogue)   $50.00

Product Placement in New Product Pavilion: (price monthly per item displayed)   $30.00

Product Placement in Green Product Pavilion:(price monthly per item displayed)   $30.00

Video Placement in Media Pavilion: (price monthly per video displayed)   $30.00

B2B E-Commerce i-Booth Shopping Cart: (price monthly)
Update fees will apply.

Private in-Booth Meeting & Webinar option: Through iTS Meeting and Webinar Services.
(Also available, pay as you go in-booth meeting programs for video conferencing on an as needed basis. Ideal for new product demos, rep meetings and tradeshow video conferencing through your i-Booth.

Placement into multiple industry Expos for maximum marketing exposure (available for Business, Executive & Premium exhibitors only. Price per Expo).   $35.00

Sponsorship Banner Advertising:   Starting at

Exhibitor Services
ITS i-Booth Flash Templates: All templates include your own personalized design and construction. Or consider a Custom Built Flash / Java driven i-Booth Display. Quote based on design and layout though our i-Booth design professionals.

i-Booth Construction Services:

i-Booth Video Production:
In house video production through iTS-Media. Complete corporate profile, product marketing or training programs as web based video presentations. Turnkey including all necessary production proccesses and hosting services.

Banner Ad Development In house banner ad production starting at $200.00. Graphic, Flash, XML or Java based ad and logo design services. Please contact us at advertising@internettradeshows.com for your free quote.

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